Charles Ellison

Romney as Republican Comfort Food

It’s way too early to tell who is going to run, who is able to run and who will win from running for president in 2016. But if prognosticators didn’t try to take a stab at it, then those of us in the politics business would be pushing the unemployment rate up another percentage point…. Read more »

Politics & King Day Reflections on Poverty

We’ve now reached that time of year where politicians of all stripes engage in the annual exercise of obligatory commentary on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s not just politicians, either, as we’re all sucked in to the reflective franchise. As we should. In his day, King was ahead of his time,… Read more »

RNC’s Antidote to Chaotic Primaries: Cut Debates in Half

Politico gives us a first look at the Republican National Committee’s debate schedule for the 2016 presidential primary schedule. Here’s the list, with a hat tip to the cats over at Politico for the breaking solid: 1. Fox News, August 2015, Ohio 2. CNN, September 2015, California 3. CNBC, October 2015, Colorado 4. Fox Business,… Read more »

Could NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio take some lessons from ATL Mayor Kasim Reed?

Lost in the discussion on tensions between the police and communities is another intriguing debate about whether uniformed civil servants or public safety employees can express their personal opinions on government time. It’s an interesting debate, and it carries all sorts of really sticky First Amendment challenges, especially in this age of social media and… Read more »

Politics, Not Policy, Trumps Police

As a 10-member delegation of Congressional Black Caucus members head to Ferguson on Sunday for a moment of Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday observance with its citizens, there’s been an emerging argument that now is the time for this second coming of the Civil Rights Movement to transition from its current protest phase to a… Read more »