Charles Ellison

The GOP’s Libertarian Opening

At the moment, the Republican presidential primary field is shaping up to look awfully country clubbish. Which means that when we step away from it – only seconds after either shrugging or waving arms in disgust – we get the sense that the Establishment really struck back. Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) staked his claim… Read more »

Trying to Explain the Obama Bump

If you haven’t noticed lately, President Obama’s sporting a bump in the polls. RealClearPolitics averages him at about 43 percent approval once all major survey indices are aggregated. Folks, especially on the Democratic side, are getting a bit tickled about it – but, hold up: he was just a percentage point lower this time last… Read more »

Won’t an NYPD “work stoppage” set a bad precedent?

With tensions continuing to rise between police and certain communities they’re hired and trained to protect, nowhere is this trend seemingly more pronounced than in New York. In fact, the tensions are so bad after the tragic killings of two NYPD officers, that police unions are encouraging their members to engage in unofficial “work stoppages”… Read more »

Looking at the Minimum Wage Political Map

One major development in 2015 you’re probably hearing quite a bit about: the minimum wage is set to increase in 21 states. The Guardian’s Jana Kasperkevic and Siri Srinivas offer a nice top of the New Year primer on those states implementing the hikes. While many of the increases in individual states might seem negligible… Read more »

Mario Cuomo Dies at 82, Democrats Soul Searching

The New Year’s day news cycle was a bit somber yesterday evening with the announcement that former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo has passed away from a heart condition at the age of 82. Indeed, it’s a sad week in New York as the state reflects on the three-term governor’s contributions and how he also… Read more »