Charles Homans

Charles Homans is the executive editor of The Atavist. He previously worked as a features editor at Foreign Policy. His work has also appeared in The New Republic and The Economist, and on several National Public Radio programs. He was an editor of the Washington Monthly from 2008 to 2010. Previously, he worked as a newspaper and public radio reporter in Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. He was born and raised in Minnesota.

Marathon Man

Henry Waxman’s climate change bill won’t make it into law this year. That’s why he’s the right guy for the job.

Politicization of Justice

What we know: After the 2004 elections, someone in the White House asked Kyle Sampson, Attorney General Alberto Gonzaless chief of staff, to secretly investigate ninety-three U.S. attorneys to determine the extent of their loyalty to the Bush administration. In November 2006, Sampson e-mailed a list of nine attorneys who fell short to White House… Read more »