Charles Homans

Charles Homans is the executive editor of The Atavist. He previously worked as a features editor at Foreign Policy. His work has also appeared in The New Republic and The Economist, and on several National Public Radio programs. He was an editor of the Washington Monthly from 2008 to 2010. Previously, he worked as a newspaper and public radio reporter in Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. He was born and raised in Minnesota.


MCCAINISTAN, PT 2… But guess who’s doing pretty well in Alaska right now? McCain’s old nemesis, Ted Stevens! You may recall that Uncle Ted, who is defending the Senate seat he has held since the Johnson Administration, got into some legal trouble over unreported gifts from Veco Corp, the political wrecking ball that has wiped… Read more »


MCCAINISTAN, PT 1… In a piece I wrote about Alaskan politics this summer, before McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I mentioned Palin’s Troopergate flap briefly and dismissively. At the time, it looked like a relatively trifling matter–whether or not the Alaska legislature found her guilty, the whole thing paled in comparison to… Read more »


“NO THANKS”? REALLY?…In addition to what Steve and Bradhave already said re: the Bridge to Nowhere line in Palin’s speech, it’s worth noting that while she said “no thanks” to the bridge, she didn’t have a problem keeping the money: Under mounting political pressure over pork projects, Congress stripped the earmark — or stipulation —… Read more »


THE FALLOUT UP NORTH…Now that Palin’s on the McCain ticket, the already interesting-bordering-on-absurd House and Senate races in Alaska are going to become more so. This year, the seats belonging to Rep. Don Young (who’s been in office for 35 years) and Sen. Ted Stevens (40) are in play for Democrats for the first time… Read more »

The Palin Pick

THE PALIN PICK…Howdy folks–I’m a new editor here at the Monthly, and as someone who lived in and reported on Alaska for the entirety of Sarah Palin’s tenure as governor (until a couple months ago), I feel like I should jump in here. I’m less quick than Steve to dismiss McCain’s pick–the Palin choice does… Read more »