Charlie Peters

What the Florida Legislature Should Do

There is no doubt in my mind that Al Gore won this election and that everyone in the media who has been part of the rush to make Gore concede will be shamed by history. Charlie Peters is the editor-in-chief of The Washington Monthly.

Will the Media Win it for W?

Cohen wrote about Gore’s “fractured campaign” and Dionne followed just below about “the agony for Gore” before closing with the uninspired “if Gore pulls the election out.” Kinsley’s column was an ironic look at where the Gore campaign went wrong, “another Gore mistake was his almost frightening willingness to follow the advice of media commentators.”… Read more »

W as Prince John. Scalia as the Sheriff of Nottingham

The story behind Bushs delays should challenge investigative reporters and historians for years to come. Don Van Natta Jr. and Dexter Filkings of The New York Times have already come up with some fascinating clues to what happened in Miami-Dade, where the recount was off, then on, then reduced in size, and finally, called off,… Read more »