Cheryl Rofer


THANKS….I’ll be traveling this weekend, probably away from the intertubes, so this may be my last post. I’m bringing my laptop, but I won’t have a lot of time, and Kevin is supposed to be back this weekend. I want to thank Kevin for letting me blog here, and I want to thank everyone who’s… Read more »

A Question

A QUESTION….I haven’t been following about that polygamist sect in Texas all that closely, so maybe I’m just not paying attention. But I thought polygamy was illegal in most states. The charges of child abuse, which seem to have been dropped for the moment, were what the state chose to use. But if polygamy is… Read more »

The High Ground

THE HIGH GROUND….Hillary whipped out the gender card again last night. “What does Hillary want?” she asked, evoking Freud’s plaint. In hanging on, she fuels stereotypes of women: don’t know how to play the game, bitchy and ungracious. It’s the softer stereotypes she has eschewed. Those who need the stereotypes will find them, either way…. Read more »

The Superdelegates Are Falling Into Line

THE SUPERDELEGATES ARE FALLING INTO LINE….for Obama, even before the polls close in Montana and South Dakota. Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, U.S. Reps. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick of Michigan and John W. Olver of Massachusetts, Los Angeles labor organizer John A. Perez, Michigan DNC members Debbie Dingell and Rick Wiener, along with Michigan superdelegate… Read more »

The End Is Near

THE END IS NEAR….for Hillary, or so says the New York Times. Adam Nagourney, Carl Hulse and Jeff Zeleny report more details than anyone else. Stay tuned tonight for confirmation. Or not.