Cheryl Rofer

The Air We Breathe

THE AIR WE BREATHE….A commenter at WhirledView put John McCain’s nonproliferation policy into context the other day, but his point applies far beyond that. The doctrine of “American Exceptionalism” is not especially radical in the US. The assertion that the US is uniquely selfless and fair-minded is a mainstream idea in American politics. The United… Read more »

Time Out

TIME OUT….Harumpf. Kevin said we could post photos, but I don’t see any way of doing that. What I was going to say was that I’m getting a bit tired of nuclear weapons and treaties and all that, but the issues with them just don’t stop. I’ve been saying that for several years now. Back… Read more »

Happy Birthday, PSI!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PSI!….In an article less tinged with snark than usual, Dana Milbank critiques National Security Advisor Steven Hadley’s appearance at the fifth anniversary celebration of President Bush’s Proliferation Security Initiative. This is one of the administration’s initiatives designed to keep us safer since 9/11, but they can’t tell us what it’s doing to keep… Read more »

Warming to the Law of the Sea via the Arctic?

WARMING TO THE LAW OF THE SEA VIA THE ARCTIC?….The United States joined four other countries that border the Arctic Sea in Ilulissat, Greenland, this week to work out ways to deal with the Arctic’s growing accessibility as the ice thins. The other four are Denmark, Russia, Canada and Norway. As the ice melts, commercial… Read more »

No Thanks, We’ve Got One Already

NO THANKS, WE’VE GOT ONE ALREADY…A League of Democracies, that is. John McCain and others frustrated by the need to do diplomacy and work with other countries keep putting forth the idea of a League of Democracies. That would be the guys in the white hats who would agree with the United States and offer… Read more »