Cheryl Rofer

DOE/NNSA Mission

DOE/NNSA Mission…..Tbw asked for my opinion on the mission of the DOE/NNSA complex. In that regard, optical weenie suggested I look at the NNSA website. For those joining in the middle of this conversation, the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) is the part of the Department of Energy that deals with nuclear weapons. I don’t… Read more »

Lieberman Hearts Hagee

LIEBERMAN HEARTS HAGEE….Joe Lieberman is scheduled to address Pastor John Hagee’s national summit on, I guess, Armageddon in July. If you want to petition Joe not to go, you can sign up here. I have to confess that I find the whole thing bizarre, from Hagee’s crowd’s making pets of Jews in preparation for the… Read more »

Getting Safer

GETTING SAFER….. Quick quiz: Are terrorist attacks increasing or decreasing? The answer depends on where you get your numbers from. Fareed Zakaria goes to Canada for his. The reason? Simon Fraser University doesn’t count civilian casualties from the war in Iraq. US databases do, and those casualties amount to 80% of the deaths they count…. Read more »

And The Winner Is…

AND THE WINNER IS…Russia! We don’t hear much about the Eurovision song contest here in America, but it’s big in Europe, particularly the countries that used to be part of other countries. I was in Estonia for the finals a couple of years back, and we were all feverishly texting our votes in to make… Read more »

That Was Then

That Was Then……The K-25 gaseous diffusion facility at Oak Ridge is being demolished. It’s one more of the Manhattan Project facilities that is outdated and contaminated. But it’s also historic, so part of it will be preserved museum-fashion. I’d like to see that; heck, I’d like to have a piece of the diffusion barrier encased… Read more »