Chris Berdik

Can a Wall-Climbing Robot Teach Your Kid to Code?

Last month, a few hand-sized, hexagonal robots took over a third-grade classroom in Southborough, Massachusetts. They climbed a whiteboard and drew all over it while flashing multicolored LED’s and chirping musically.  All the while, they were teaching kids to code. Meet Root — a robot being beta-tested by its creators at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for… Read more »

“Paying attention?” An App Asks – Helping Kids Monitor Their Own Classroom Behavior

Photo: AP Images Between kids chattering, bolting from their seats or simply staring out the window, keeping students focused is a constant battle for Alexandra Beckman, a special education teacher of fifth- and sixth-graders in Ozark, Missouri. “It’s probably how I spend the majority of my day,” Beckman admitted. She recently tried a new approach… Read more »

Can Social Media Nudge Teens Into Smarter Money Choices?

Brittany Bui (left) and AJ Wheatley, co-presidents of the Moneythink chapter at Chapman University in Orange, California, at last year’s freshman activity fair. Photo: Kara Zucker In the fall of 2008, Ted Gonder was studying economics at the University of Chicago as the world economy melted down around him. “We were learning about the collapse… Read more »

Hit Rewind: Coaching Teachers Virtually

Audrey Miller, a teacher mentor at Oceanside High School on Long Island, videotapes a lesson in her video production class. The Oceanside district uses an online video-sharing platform to mentor new teachers. Photo: Sattwa Conrad Nothing in Linda Liptrap’s teacher training prepared her for the pencil onslaught. In 2013, as a novice math teacher at… Read more »