Christina Larson

Christina Larson, a former Washington Monthly editor, is an award-winning science journalist who has reported from five continents.

Hua hua and good-bye

Dear Kevin: I’m in Beijing now, but wanted to say — your blogging sanity and clarity is even more appreciated from this distance. I can’t possibly read everything that’s out there, so I’ve had to whittle my Washington-centric reading; you’re tops. I hope you’ll forgive a moment of dog-blogging. This is Hua Hua, a Pekingese… Read more »

Dowd’s Obama Fantasy

Dowd’s Obama Fantasy … I’m still puzzled that Maureen Dowd devoted so many words in her Sunday column to informing readers that she was a messy eater and a fan of good ol’ American BBQ sauce before launching into a discussion of Obama and his staffers’ latest alleged problem: appearing “effete and vaguely foreign —… Read more »