Christina Larson

Christina Larson, a former Washington Monthly editor, is an award-winning science journalist who has reported from five continents.

Hua hua and good-bye

Dear Kevin: I’m in Beijing now, but wanted to say — your blogging sanity and clarity is even more appreciated from this distance. I can’t possibly read everything that’s out there, so I’ve had to whittle my Washington-centric reading; you’re tops. I hope you’ll forgive a moment of dog-blogging. This is Hua Hua, a Pekingese… Read more »

Dowd’s Obama Fantasy

Dowd’s Obama Fantasy … I’m still puzzled that Maureen Dowd devoted so many words in her Sunday column to informing readers that she was a messy eater and a fan of good ol’ American BBQ sauce before launching into a discussion of Obama and his staffers’ latest alleged problem: appearing “effete and vaguely foreign —… Read more »

Move Over Brangelina, for Barackichelle

Move Over Brangelina, for Barackichelle …. Just back from the grocery check-out line, where I picked up a copy of the latest Us Weekly, lured by the cover line “Obama Exclusive! Boxers vs. briefs, Britney & his best Just Like Us pics.” I admit I was pretty nervous, flipping through the endless pages of “Oscar’s… Read more »

TV coverage: Two-to-one against Obama

TV coverage: Two-to-one against Obama …. With the GOP primary all but resolved, and the Democratic fight only growing more intense, Barack Obama finds himself in the unenviable position of being the chief target of attacks from both the Clinton and McCain camps. As the Democratic leader — with only a thin margin, depending on… Read more »