Clint Douglas

Iraq Bottom

n The Forever War, his memoir of the years he spent reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan, New York Times foreign correspondent Dexter Filkins writes about meeting an American officer tasked with distributing funds for reconstruction projects in the early days of the Iraq War. “Weve made friends here,” the officer says confidently. He is equally… Read more »

A Knife Under the Collarbone

he Germans called it Rattenkrieg, the war of the rats. That was how the embitteredand ultimately doomedtroops of the Wehrmacht came to view the battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Used to Blitzkrieging their way across the open steppes of Russia, they were horrified to find themselves locked in desperate urban combat that nullified their tactical… Read more »

Elect More Jim Webbs

imagine if you asked any good noncommissioned officer why he votes Republican, he would simply answer, Because Democrats are a bunch of pussies. (Sorry, but thats how soldiers talk.) I happen to be a Democrat, even something of a Yellow Dog Democrat, but the perception of Democratic weakness on matters of defense is pervasive both… Read more »