Colin Woodard

Olympia Snowe’s Mixed Signals

In February, the political establishment here in Maine was rocked by Sen. Olympia’s Snowe’s late and entirely surprising announcement that she would not seek reelection. The Senate, she said, had become a frustrating place, where “an atmosphere of polarization and ‘my way or the highway’ ideologies has become pervasive in campaigns and in our governing… Read more »

U.S. Regional Clashes Behind Obama Versus Romney

Last week’s election demonstrated, once again, that America’s most essential and abiding divisions are not between red states and blue states, conservatives and liberals, or even the faithful and the secular. They’re cultural, the result of differences that can be traced all the way back to the rival colonial projects established on our continent three… Read more »

The G.O.P’s Yankee Problem

A remarkable thing happened last Tuesday. The Republican Party was virtually extinguished from the land of its birth. I’m speaking of Yankeedom, a great swath of the country from Maine to Minnesota that was effectively colonized by New England Puritans and their descendants. This cultural region – one of eleven that make up our continent… Read more »

Romney, Dixie, and the Future of the Electoral College

As election day quickly – nay, mercifully – approaches, commentators have been contemplating the possibility that Barack Obama might win the election while losing the popular vote, and fact that this would be due to the president’s marked shortage of supporters in “the South”. Ironically, if this should happen it might well give the Electoral… Read more »

Who is the Future U.S. Senator from Maine?

Last February, my home state of Maine was thrust into the national political spotlight by US Senator Olympia Snowe’s sudden and surprising announcement that she was abandoning her reelection bid. Democrats saw an opportunity to flip a seat long held by moderate Republicans, while the state’s Tea Party crowd salivated at the chance to put… Read more »