Colin Woodard

The Money Race to Replace Olympia Snowe: A Pre-primary Update

For those curious about the race to replace U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, the field is about to narrow considerably. On Tuesday, a small subset of my fellow Mainers will vote in the party primaries, presumably reducing the number of candidates from twelve to four: a Democrat, a Republican, a dark horse independent candidate with no… Read more »

On Obama’s Greater Appalachian Problem

I was going to regale you all with a brilliant, American Nations-powered analysis of President Barack Obama’s less than stellar performance in the West Virginia and Kentucky Democratic primaries, but am pleased to see that Alec MacGillis has already done so over at The New Republic. MacGillis writes: Obama certainly is a vulnerable incumbent, as… Read more »

Lessig: Occupy Americans Elect

In recent years, Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig has taken up the struggle against what is perhaps the root problem of American dysfunction: money’s corrosive effects on our political system. His recent book, Republic, Lost, outlined the systemic nature of the problem, its horrific cost both to the health of our society and to… Read more »

Super Tuesday and the American Nations

For those Washington Monthly readers who don’t believe America’s regional cultures, properly identified, have predictive value in contemporary politics, I offer a two-part warning. First, I’m about to deploy the American Nations paradigm for this purpose once again. Secondly, the facts once again support the thesis, so stop reading now if this will put you… Read more »