Colin Woodard

Can the Dems Flip Utah?

As the apparent Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney has been receiving plenty of scrutiny: of his business career, of his policy flip-flops and, perhaps least fairly, his Mormon faith. The New Republic’s Alec MacGillis – who reviewed my book in Sunday’s Washington Post – has posted a cogent summary of the hits Mormonism has taken… Read more »

How “Occupy” Found a Home on the Range

As the Occupy Wall Street movement enters a new and uncertain phase, where is it likely to meet with the most success, and where will it be most likely to be given the cold shoulder? In my new book, American Nations, I’ve argued that North America is really made up of eleven distinct regional cultures… Read more »

The 2011 Elections, the Tea Party, and the American Nations

The elections on Tuesday have been widely interpreted as bad news for the GOP and critical to understanding the next election and the future of Congress. And that’s certainly true but there’s a deeper analysis to be done. The results actually tell a great deal about the cultural patterns of the United States. What we… Read more »