D.R. Tucker

(Dirty) Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

We’ll never know why the New York Times didn’t bother to credit Bill McKibben and 350.org for pioneering the strategy that led to a new era of climate progress in today’s piece about the “face of a new activism that the nation’s largest environmental groups are encouraging to revive a climate-change movement that seemed stalled… Read more »

Old School

A fascinating discussion on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki today about the role age discrimination plays in American politics: Kornacki accurately notes the repugnant nature of Karl Rove’s acidic attack on Hillary Clinton’s age (although it’s hard to imagine what Rove has done that is not of a repugnant nature). He also notes the political… Read more »

If You Like Your Planet, You Can Keep Your Planet

This morning, President Obama focused on his efforts to combat carbon-pollution in his weekly radio address, noting the importance of protecting the health and the climate of future generations: Of course, emphasizing the need to think about the health of our children and grandchildren won’t diminish the derangement of climate-change deniers, who hate Al Gore… Read more »

The Omen

David Koch’s ill-fated 1980 bid for the vice presidency has been covered by Jane Mayer and Rachel Maddow, among others, but Nicholas Confessore’s analysis of Koch’s run in today’s New York Times is perhaps the creepiest and most fascinating look at the man who bought the right. Back then, Koch was a member of the… Read more »

The Love That Hate Produced

The Boston Globe‘s report on the tenth anniversary of the commencement of marriage equality in Massachusetts doesn’t bring a smile to my face. In fact, my memories of May 17, 2004 are wracked with different sorts of pain. I was in Massachusetts General Hospital that morning, recovering from gallbladder surgery just days earlier, watching the… Read more »