D.R. Tucker

I Believe Rod Rosenstein

The New York Times story will unfortunately embolden Republicans to continue demonizing the Russia investigation.

Kelly’s Zeroes: Conway Can’t Even Lie Right

Did you ever see the the 2003 movie A Mighty Wind, a folk-music mockumentary made by the same folks who brought you This is Spinal Tap? There’s a scene in the film chronicling the psychological decline of Mitch Cohen (played by Eugene Levy) following the breakup of his personal and professional relationship with Mickey Crabbe… Read more »

Enemy of the State: The Right’s Plan to Destroy Ayanna Pressley

From the moment she won, they declared war. Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley’s victory over Rep. Michael Capuano in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts’s Seventh Congressional District on September 4 was a moment of celebration for those who believe that new and passionately progressive voices are needed in the Democratic choir. It was also a… Read more »

Basket Cases

In his first year on the Court [Clarence Thomas] scarcely ever left the Supreme Court Building on foot, and that was fortunate, in one way, because it meant that he probably never saw the boldly lettered [graffiti] on a Capitol Hill sidewalk across the street. It said, “Anita Told the Truth.” —“The Burden of Clarence… Read more »

Progressives Must Politicize Their Purchasing Power

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to run down to the nearest Foot Locker to buy the newest pair of Jordans—and I haven’t even worn a pair of sneakers since I was a teenager. I also can’t wait to log on to Fandango.com and order my tickets a month in advance. I… Read more »