D.R. Tucker

November 6 Is When Americans Must ‘Rise for Climate’

I have to admit, my first reaction was, “Not another rally.” This is not to dismiss or disrespect those who will be participating in today’s “Rise for Climate” demonstrations across the country (as well as internationally) today. Yes, it’s important to take to the streets to condemn the moral scandal that is the Trump administration’s… Read more »

Isn’t It Obvious Kelly and Mattis Wrote the NYT Op-Ed?

There have been actual mysteries in this country. What happened to the missing 18½ minutes on the Nixon tapes? Was there an actual “October surprise” in the 1980 presidential election? Why did anyone ever take George W. Bush seriously? This “mystery” is not one of them. To quote the renowned American philosopher Nasir Jones, it… Read more »

Warren’s Likely GOP Challenger: A Pain to Diehl With

Unlike John McCain, here’s one fellow who will never be confused for a statesman: [Massachusetts] State Representative Geoff Diehl, in an effort to ramp up immigration-focused attacks on US Senator Elizabeth Warren, [has] released a campaign video [asserting] that 20 people a day — or the equivalent of “over 7,000 people every year” — are… Read more »

Lock Him Up!

As we approach the 17th anniversary of 9/11, it’s good to see law enforcement catch another alleged terrorist plotter before he could launch a new attack on the homeland: A California man was charged Thursday with threatening to shoot and kill Boston Globe journalists, calling them “the enemy of the people,” in response to the… Read more »

If Andrew Gillum Makes History, One Floridian Won’t Be There to See It

If Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum defeats Rep. Ron DeSantis to become Florida’s next Governor on November 6, it will be an embarrassing defeat for Donald Trump and the Fox News fiends supporting the Republican’s campaign. It will be a tremendous victory for Sen. Bernie Sanders and those who have persuasively argued that the Democratic Party… Read more »