Dan Drezner

It’s not just MB

IT’S NOT JUST MB….Marc raises a basic problem in talking about democracy promotion in the Middle East ? what hapens when the democratic process leads to a very popular anti-American regime? Egypt is just one example. Ed Morrissey links to an AP report by Steven Gutkin suggesting that Hamas is about to clean up in… Read more »

Marc, You Ignorant Slut

MARC, YOU IGNORANT SLUT… OK, Kevin clearly thinks we’re pussyfooting around the Big Question ? “did the Iraq war spur the democratic reforms that we’ve recently seen sprouting in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East?” Marc has ably laid out the “no” answer; here’s why I think Marc and Heather Hurlburt… Read more »

The trouble with funding NGOs

THE TROUBLE WITH FUNDING NGOs…. The most effective, sustainable way to advocate democracy is to help those moderates and modernizers on the inside build democratic institutions such as political parties, an independent judiciary, a free media, a modern education system, a civil society, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and a private sector. That’s a key piece of… Read more »

Hi, my name is Dan….

HI, MY NAME IS DAN….and I’ll be defending the Bush administration’s grand strategy on democracy promotion here this week. Before I really dive into the buffet of articles that the Washington Monthly has produced on the question of democracy in the Middle East, let’s dispense with some shameless self-promotion preliminaries: 1) If you’re curious for… Read more »