Daniel Franklin

The FEMA Phoenix

Fast forward one year to the summer of 1993: Weeks of unrelenting rainfall had driven the level of the Mississippi River and its tributaries far beyond the previous records. Every county in the state of Iowa was declared a federal disaster area, as were portions of eight other states in the river basin. But this… Read more »


How a populist movement arose to eliminate the most populist of taxes is a political mystery without parallel. Not since World War I has a progressive tax been excised altogether, and yet four years after President Bush signed a phase-out of the estate tax, he has yet to reap a word of backlash. Tempting as… Read more »

Is Grover Over?

Where he promptly dropped it. Daniels had campaigned touting citations from Norquist’s ATR and other anti-tax groups. But eight short days after settling into the Indiana Statehouse, Daniels proposed a budget that sought to close a $600 million budget gap by socking high-income Hoosiers with a 29-percent increase in income tax. Norquist quickly accused his… Read more »

The Worst Job in Washington

When the elevator doors opened, there was still no sign of the campaign. Every door was locked and unmarked. Around one corner, slightly open, was the door to a closet filled with cardboard boxes. Out of one fell a bumper sticker which read: “Like father, like son. One term and you’re done.” I was in… Read more »