Daniel Luzer

The Dorm Solution

College success might have a lot to do with living on campus. With the proliferation of online colleges have come a lot of pieces predicting that the future of higher education in this country, and perhaps internationally, will mean students will take a lot of courses on their own, from various venues, to get the… Read more »

Where You Go to College Doesn’t Determine What You Make

How much should it matter how much college graduates earn? In theory salaries are really important. Getting a reasonably high-paying professional job is, after all, the primary reasons many college students would cite for why they’re in college at all. The recent Department of Education release of information about college graduate salaries, in addition to… Read more »

George Soros Is a Big Donor to Colleges. What’s He Buying?

So what’s the liberal equivalent of the novels of Ayn Rand? The role of the Koch brothers in higher education has been a subject of great interest to higher education observers. Recently a paper in the Journal of Academic Ethics demonstrated that donations by BB& T and Koch Industries were leading colleges to teach about… Read more »

Fake Tenure at the University of Wisconsin

What does the end of academic tenure look like? For centuries in this country tenure, the contractual right of a professor not to be fired without just cause, according to the standards set by the American Association of University Professors, has been the gold standard of academia. Only 24 percent of college instructors are tenured,… Read more »