Daniel Luzer

Magic Laptops for Moravian

Moravian College, a 1,500-student school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, affiliated with an obscure fifteenth-century protestant movement, is conducting an interesting new experiment. According to a piece at Inside Higher Ed: Moravian is halfway into a transformation that college officials say will “level the playing field” technologically, putting laptops and tablets in the hands of all students… Read more »

All Colleges Aren’t the Same

They’re not even that similar. When trying to understand trends in American higher education journalists and reformers face a difficult task. This country’s academic system is so incredibly diverse that even word “college” is a source of confusion. When President Barack Obama introduced his nonstarter proposal to provide free community college to all earlier this… Read more »

For-Profit College Deal Mostly Good for Lawyers

Attorneys in a case about mismanagement at schools run by the for-profit Education Management Corporation have reached a settlement. According to this piece in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “EDMC agrees to $95.5M settlement, will improve recruiting process.” But, and it pains me to type this, really, this is $95.5 million worth of nothing. EDMC has to… Read more »

Texas Just Can’t Do the Right Thing With Textbooks

Texas, the state responsible for so much of America’s weirdly conservative textbook selection options, recently decided that maybe it was time to fix this problem, so as to avoid further incidents where it earned the world’s horror and ridicule for doing things like referring to American slaves as “workers.” And then it figured out that… Read more »

New Names, and Bad Names

Students at Princeton University have started a campaign to try to get the school rename the things on campus that now honor U.S. (and one-time Princeton) President Woodrow Wilson, because he was a racist. According to this article by Andy Newman in the New York Times: After a walkout by about 200 students, and the… Read more »