Daniel Luzer

Ranking What Matters, And What Doesn’t

The the U.S. Department of Education’s recent release of a trove of information about campus outcomes was in general something the Washington Monthly very much supported. Information about what happens to college graduates, of all sorts, is important, because it can help potential students, parents, and even college administrators make better decisions. But that doesn’t… Read more »

Who Really Pays for College Athletics? Poor People Do.

Money in college sport is complicated, many argue. It’s confusing because of the variety of sports and college types, and the intricate revenue streams that make it all work (sort of) together. But a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education argues that in a general sense this is how it works. In the… Read more »

How College Administrators Can Deal With Campus Unrest

Over the last several weeks students at college across the country have staged protests, of various degrees of intensity, about diversity on campus. How should college presidents deal with this? Presidents (perhaps with the notable exception of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s wife, occasional college administrator Jane O’Meara Sanders) tend not to be big radicals, but they’re… Read more »

Two Liars

Last week America woke up to the news that improbably successful GOP Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson was something of a fibber. There’s nothing serious here—no fake degrees or made up purple hearts—but it wasn’t good, for sure. As one blogger put it: First, stories about his past, particularly those told in his book Gifted… Read more »

The Truth About Race and the SATs

The relationship between intelligence and race has long been a matter of debate and controversy. There is a connection between race and SAT scores but there is also, of course, a strong relationship between SAT scores and wealth, SAT scores and family education, and SAT scores and school quality. But researchers have recently discovered something… Read more »