Daniel Luzer

Is Obama Really Serious About Reducing Standardized Testing?

Recently President Barack Obama gave a speech that made some of the country’s big liberals feel a little bit less disappointed in his performance. There’s that whole civil liberties problem thing, sure, but some of America’s teachers at least decided they liked him again. According to this Associated Press piece: President Barack Obama on Saturday… Read more »

A Fake Accreditor for Fake Colleges

Academic accreditation of colleges has long been a source of problems, at least in terms of attempts at education reform. A college has to be accredited by some sort of accreditation body in order to assure to potential students that the school isn’t, you know, a total scam. But the really important reason for accreditation… Read more »

Affirmative Action, Again

Racial preferences in college admissions will come before the U.S. Supreme Court yet again. Abigail Fisher, who is now 25 years old (let it go already, kid) is suing again and arguing that her rejection from UT Austin, back in 2008, and the school’s use of racial preferences, violates her rights. This time American colleges… Read more »

This College Ranking Is… Odd

We love college rankings here at the Washington Monthly. Seriously, while for years we’ve sort of enjoyed critiquing the impact of the annual college rankings produced by U.S. New & World Report, in general the editors here believe that the more rankings of colleges we have, and on the more diverse characteristics, the better off… Read more »

Margaret Spellings Is Back

Margaret Spellings, President George W. Bush’s second Secretary of Education and a woman responsible for much of the early efforts to implement the the controversial No Child Left Behind Act, will be the next president of the University of North Carolina system. The selection of Spellings, who has never run an academic system before, is… Read more »