Daniel Luzer

California’s Problem Spreads

In an editorial in the State Press, the student newspaper of Arizona State University, the author assesses how the tuition increase at the University of California might matter outside of the Golden State. California’s state schools needed to raise tuition hike because of the state’s cash shortage. As the State Press explains, the money shortage… Read more »

Students Paying Their Own College Costs?

A piece in today’s Boston Globe indicates that high school students are willing to contribute to the cost of college: A recent survey – the annual “College Savings Indicator’’ study by Fidelity Investments – found that parents of college-bound children in high school say they can cover only 11 percent of college costs, down from… Read more »

Too Fat to Graduate?

The fitness examination for college graduation is nothing new but historically this was a sort of token test. Many colleges require students to swim the length of the pool or something to graduate. Well no longer. More than 25 seniors at Lincoln University might not graduate in the spring because they: Had body mass index… Read more »

Affirmative Action Crosses the Pond

Researchers in the United Kingdom argue that England’s most exclusive universities should seek to diversify their student body. According to the article yesterday in the Daily Mail the Higher Education Policy Institute‘s Bahram Bekhradnia and Oxford’s Juliet Chester indicate that: Oxford and Cambridge should ‘explicitly discriminate’ against middle-class applicants with top grades to ensure a… Read more »

Fixing DC’s Community College

Earlier this year the District of Columbia finally got a community college, the Community College of the District of Columbia (or CCDC). A few welcomed this institution as a positive, or at least interesting, development for DC. The problem was that the new community college was linked to the Distinct of Columbia’s existing state (or… Read more »