Daniel Luzer

Sucking the Fun Out of That

According to an article yesterday in the New York Times, some colleges are now making another effort to deter binge drinking. Only now it’s not just frat parties and pre-gaming that are concerns. The University of Minnesota has a new program: Modeled after a program at the University of Wisconsin, Check BAC [Blood Alcohol Content]… Read more »

Missouri’s Higher Education Funding Model Is “Broken”?

Regarding the tuition freeze tuition freeze at public colleges in Missouri, University of Missouri System President Gary Forsee said yesterday that the hold was a step in the right direction, but not good enough. From the Columbia Missourian: “The higher education business model, the funding model, is broken,” Forsee said in a morning news conference… Read more »

Massive Tuition Increase for University of California

Yesterday the regents of the University of California approved a 32 percent tuition increase. From the Chronicle of Higher Education : The tuition proposal, which is expected to receive final approval on Thursday by the system’s full Board of Regents, will help close a large budget gap, in part by raising undergraduate tuition at the… Read more »

When Community College Works

With many students and families feeling pressured by economic factors to choose cheaper schools, community colleges look more attractive for many families, or at least that’s what the community colleges are hoping. The pitch goes like this: students go to community colleges for a year or two, accumulate the necessary credits, then transfer to four-year… Read more »