Daniel Luzer

The Real Cost of Private College

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine’s December issue rates American colleges to come up with a list of the top 100 schools for education value. While there are no big surprises here (the Kiplinger measure of school quality is based on familiar things including admission rate, SAT scores, students-faculty ratio, and graduation rate) the Kiplinger article looks… Read more »

Canada: College at Half Price

Adding a new topic to the conversation about American colleges and their quality and cost, an article last week in the Toronto Star introduces another option: some Americans are just opting out of the whole process. In the last ten years the number of Americans seeking higher education in Canada has tripled. Experts predict some… Read more »

Colleges Hire Consultants to Save Money

From the New York Times comes word that some colleges’ attempts to trim their budgets to make up for a loss in investment revenue have resulted in the hiring of management consultants: When Holden Thorp, the chancellor of the University of North Carolina, was looking for ways to cut the university’s budget, he did what… Read more »

What Happened to the Liberal Arts?

Liz Coleman, the president of Bennington College Bennington College talks (in 2009) about what’s wrong with American higher education and how we might be able to fix it. The progression of today’s college student is to jettison every interest except one. And within that one, to continually narrow the focus, learning more and more about… Read more »

Professors’ Salary Increases

All of higher education might still be suffering from something of a financial crisis, but the problems aren’t, it turns out, evenly distributed. According to a piece by Andrea Fuller in the Chronicle of Higher Education: Salaries for faculty members across all disciplines rose by 1.9 percent this year, nearly matching the 2-percent rise in… Read more »