Danny Vinik

Online Piracy Isn’t a Problem

Every day, people download millions of songs without paying for them. It’s a practice known as online piracy and the music industry has been demanding tougher laws to combat it since the rise of Napster in 1999. On the surface, the industry’s claims make sense. Copyright law stipulates that it is illegal to download music… Read more »

College Sports and Middle School Recruitment

What grade is too young for college recruiting to start? 9th grade? 8th? 6th? On July 26, the University of Washington announced it had received a verbal commitment from 14-year-old quarterback Tate Martell. Yes, a 14-year-old. The following day, LSU jumped in on the action by offering a scholarship to Dylan Moses, who hasn’t even… Read more »

Treasury Department: Families Paying More in Tuition

The Treasury Department’s top economist has chimed in on tuition costs: families are shouldering a greater share of college costs than ever before. College students are graduating with increasingly high levels of debt. Total student debt surpassed total credit card debt in August 2010 and topped $1 trillion for the first time this past year…. Read more »

Zombie Brains

Think you’re an expert on zombies from Scooby Doo on Zombie Island and Dawn of the Dead? Well, can you produce a model the zombie brain? Neuroscientists Bradley Voytek and Timothy Verstynen are doing just that: Working on their own time and drawing from their extensive knowledge of the zombie genre, they went through standard… Read more »

No, Free Online Courses Are Not For Credit

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that 12 new universities are partnering with Coursera, an online education platform, to offer over 100 massively open online courses (MOOCs) expected to attract over a million users. The piece stated that one of the schools, the University of Washington, was even going to offer these MOOCs for… Read more »