Danny Vinik

Yes, College is an Engine of Inequality

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently ran nine essays by various education experts on whether higher education has become an “engine of inequality.” Of the nine short responses, George Leef, the Director of Research for the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, was the only one to disagree, believing that government policies have caused greater… Read more »

Department of Education Proposes New Rules for Student Loans

Yesterday, the Department of Education proposed new rules to ease and clarify the discharge process for disabled borrowers and create a new income-contingent payment system for borrowers. The new federal student loan regulations would amend the Federal Perkins Loan program, the Federal Family Education Loan program and the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program… Read more »

Online Courses Still Expanding

The New York Times is reporting today that the online education platform Coursera is partnering with 12 new schools to bring dozens of online classes to students around the globe. The brainchild of two Stanford University computer scientists, Coursera offered 43 courses from Stanford, Michigan, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania last year and registered… Read more »

The Courts Will Punish Penn State, Not the NCAA

There has been a lot written about the scandal at Penn State – from the conviction of Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse to the tarnished legacy of Joe Paterno – but the media has written less about how the National Collegiate Athletic Association will respond to the situation. As the organizer… Read more »

Tom Coburn vs. Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist is losing power. The conservative lobbyist and founder of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has held great sway within the Republican party since he founded ATR in 1985 for his anti-tax, small government mindset. In particular, his mission has always been to never raise taxes. He created a pledge, called the “Taxpayer Protection… Read more »