David Atkins

Extreme obstruction & secrecy make for dysfunctional government

Americans are rightly celebrating over the release of Bowe Bergdahl, the lone prisoner of war from the conflict in Afghanistan. Legally, though, it’s a mess. Republicans are complaining that the President violated the law in not giving Congress 30 days notification prior to the release. The President for his part doesn’t deny it, but only… Read more »

Slow wage growth continues to cripple the economy

A new report in the Wall Street Journal reconfirms what many of already know instinctively: the biggest problem with the economy is that wages just aren’t growing fast enough to sustain prosperity. A long-awaited liftoff in the U.S. economy is facing pressure from stubbornly weak wage growth, muddying the outlook for consumers and challenging Federal… Read more »

Focus on the guns, not the drugs

Law enforcement has a difficult job. Police officers risk their lives and safety every day serving the public, and there are mountains of paperwork on top of that. So it’s understandable if things sometimes fall through the cracks. But one would hope that when the police receive several credible complaints that an individual might be… Read more »

What a party circling the drain looks like

The same is true of TV shows, consumer products and politics: when you have to rely on gimmicks to make your sale, you’re on the path to failure. Despite a consistent and unyieldingly belligerent posture, the GOP has been increasingly substituting flash-in-the-pan gimmicks for actual policy positions or even coherent ideological talking points. Meanwhile, they’ve… Read more »