David Atkins

Imagine the Iraq crisis–but with a GOP president at war with Iran

As Iraq spirals deeper into a sectarian crisis between an ineffectual Shi’ite government and radical Sunni militants, the importance of a grudging working relationship between the United States and Iran has never been of greater importance. Without some Iranian help, Iraq’s central government will likely fall apart and the nation will be overrun by extremists… Read more »

For whom are Boehner’s crocodile tears intended?

The politics of immigration are mostly clear at this point. Republicans have become abjectly terrified of their own base, particularly after Eric Cantor’s defeat. Democrats are furious at the lack of action on the border in pure policy terms, but from a nakedly electoral standpoint every cycle that Republicans continue to make themselves the party… Read more »

Rick Scott and the religious right decide to play God

Conservatives hate the notion of mankind “playing God.” They constantly warn of the dangers of playing in the divine domain, and talk about the arrogance of man presuming to control matters of body, life and death. So it’s oddly compelling that Rick Scott and Republicans in Florida are so extreme in their anti-choice stance that… Read more »

It’s not the motive. It’s the gun.

Every time there’s another mass or campus shooting people always want to know why the killer did it. What was the motive? What could lead to such evil? More often than not, those with political axes to grind want to shoehorn the killer’s motive into their own political agenda. After an Islamist extremist went on… Read more »

The brutal neoconservative legacy in Iraq

When we take stock of American policy in Iraq and its effects over the last decade, reasonable and humane people tend to focus on the devastating toll in blood, treasure and reputation. Hundreds of thousands dead, even more injured, families torn apart, trillions of dollars burned and bombed away, priceless artifacts destroyed, and America’s moral… Read more »