David Atkins

Speak no evil on the right

As the tide continues to turn against conservatives on a number of issues including marriage equality, it is interesting to watch how Republican politicians wade against the rush of public opinion. Increasingly, the answer appears to be: don’t change, but say nothing and pretend it doesn’t exist. The latest exhibit? Scott Walker stonewalling about his… Read more »

Corporate education “reformers” doing battle with teachers after Vergara decision

A little-noticed but important legal battle recently wrapped up in California this week. A loose collection of millionaires and billionaires including David Welch, Eli Broad, Charles Schwab and the Fischer family (owners of the Gap, among others) have been attempting for years to eliminate not only protections for teachers in California, but to also drastically… Read more »

The $6 trillion dollar mistake

A new study says the Iraq War has cost the United States $2 trillion. By the time all the veterans’ bills are paid, it will likely cost us up to $6 trillion. Let that sink in for a moment. Per National Priorities, here’s an estimate of how much money is allocated for various programs in… Read more »

Extreme obstruction & secrecy make for dysfunctional government

Americans are rightly celebrating over the release of Bowe Bergdahl, the lone prisoner of war from the conflict in Afghanistan. Legally, though, it’s a mess. Republicans are complaining that the President violated the law in not giving Congress 30 days notification prior to the release. The President for his part doesn’t deny it, but only… Read more »