David Ball

Volunteer Prosecutors

I recently had coffee with a former student who told me this story about her post-graduate employment.  She worked at a local DA’s office for a few months as a post-bar clerk, then as a volunteer. She had to live at home and go on MediCal (California’s low-income medical program).  While a volunteer she basically… Read more »

Re-Imagining Criminal Justice

I met recently with a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce prison usage in the United States. After our meeting, I tried to come up with a list of ideas and policies that I think should have wider circulation amongst the body politic that would help to promote a deep re-thinking of mass incarceration. I… Read more »

Think and Act Locally When It Comes to Criminal Justice

I’m glad to see this coverage in the New York Times today acknowledging that the federal government isn’t the main event when it comes to mass incarceration, an idea to which I have long subscribed. I’ve actually been planning a longer post about this, focusing on the ways in which criminal legal scholarship is disproportionately… Read more »

Aftershocks of the Housing Crisis

I didn’t expect to find a paper in the American Bankruptcy Law Review that has such a strong social justice element—though, admittedly, this is not a publication I read regularly. But this paper—Randomly Distributed Trial Court Justice—written by my colleague Gary Neustadter, chronicles the legal aftershocks of the housing crisis and demonstrates both that there… Read more »