David Ball

Good News from the Manhattan Institute: Police Kill Fewer Black People than Violent Criminals

You heard it here first: Heather Mac Donald’s most recent study from the Manhattan Institute reveals the good (and groundbreaking) news that police kill fewer black people than violent criminals. Mac Donald, as you might recall, was a proponent of the theory that murders were on the rise because of the “Ferguson effect”—that dissatisfaction with the… Read more »

Are You Ready For Some Head Trauma

As we enter the final stop of the NFL playoffs before the Super Bowl, a reminder from our friends at Dept8 of what the NFL shield really stands for: CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). (For those of you with poor eyesight like me, the text reads “This degenerative condition is copyrighted by the NFL for the… Read more »

Bryan Stevenson and a Call to Action

This past Thursday I had the great privilege of seeing Bryan Stevenson speak (and the even greater privilege of hosting him for a Q&A at the law school). Stevenson is a MacArthur “genius” grant recipient, NYU Law School professor, co-founder and ED of the Equal Justice Initiative (get one of their calendars now), and the… Read more »

A Tale of Two Cities? Marijuana, Municipal Difference, and Externalities

For the past several years I’ve been writing about criminal justice externalities at the local level, pulling on the loose thread of the correctional free lunch—the observation that local officials make the decisions that send people to prison but the state pays for prison out of general revenues.  The phrase was coined by Gordon Hawkins… Read more »

The California Bar Has Apparently Already Stopped Asking About Mental Health on the Moral Character Application—They Just Haven’t Spread the Word

(This post has been updated–scroll to the bottom). After writing my prior post, I’ve been engaged in fruitful discussions both in comments and via email about the issue of law student mental health.  In one of these conversations, someone suggested going to the Bazelon Center website, telling me that they have a campaign about getting… Read more »