Debra Dickerson

We have met the enemy

We have met the enemy….The race for Newark’s mayoralty has begun. Oh goody. Sharpe James is running for his sixth term. Where, oh where do we begin with this man? America’s last sitting mayor who is a Movement veteran, he makes $213,000 a year, more than any American governor. What a great mayor he must… Read more »

It’s No Theory That This is a Conspiracy

It’s No Theory That This is a Conspiracy….It’s taken me two days to digest and respond to Nick Chiles’ excellent New York Times piece on the sorry state of black literature and the crucial role that the big book chains play in it. Chiles’ point: Last month I happened to go into the Borders Books… Read more »

George Will, his own worst enemy

George Will, his own worst enemy…..Will is a reluctant liberal’s (I’m only one because ‘conservative’ is the only other viable option. Moderate schmoderate) dream. I viscerally disagree with just about everything he says (the baseball stuff renders me immediately blind and illiterate, so it doesn’t count) but it’s usually so simultaneously persuasive and so fundamentally… Read more »