Derrick Haynes

One Bomb Threat Response Gives Way to Arab-Baiting

A recent spate of bomb threats targeting colleges and universities has authorities wondering if the threats were connected to one another. Yet, one of the responses involved an instant of unintentional Arab-baiting that led to an apology later. Last Friday, three days after the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, three universities evacuated their campuses following bomb… Read more »

Faulty Teacher Evaluations Come Under Fire at Education Conference”

A controversial teacher evaluation method was put on trial at the opening panels of a New York education conference. Panelists, ranging from the D.C. Public Schools chancellor to a one-time candidate for Secretary of Education, drummed out the practice as an ineffective and ”humiliating” way to bring accountability to the education reform movement. The New… Read more »

Will Education Remain a Major Issue Post-DNC?

Thanks to speakers ranging from the First Lady to an ex-GI, education issues unexpectedly received primetime spotlight at the Democratic National Convention. An interactive word graphic by The New York Times shows that “education” was mentioned three times more at the DNC than at the Republican convention. Wednesday night, during a 50-minute speech, former President… Read more »

Drinking to Conformity

Authors of a recent study investigated the relationship between socio-cultural factors such as social status that affect the level binge drinking on a college campus. Caroline Hsu, a co-author of the study and an associate professor of sociology at New York’s Colgate University, presented the study’s result at a major sociological conference. Hsu and former… Read more »