Devin Castles

Where We Stand on Climate Policy

In his June climate speech, President Obama promised to tackle one of the biggest items on environmental groups’ wish lists: regulating new and existing power plants. Here’s a look at what kind of impact new regulation could have, what barriers stand in the way of imposing those regulations, and what authority the administration has to… Read more »

Public Lands Aren’t Just for Oil and Gas

The extraordinary oil and gas boom the U.S. has experienced in the last few years has led to growing concerns over how the government should protect and manage its public land, including the 38 million acres currently being leased to oil and gas companies for drilling. While the president has opened up 6.5 million acres… Read more »

Journalism and Power

Earlier this month, Josh Marshall gave his much-cited take on the basic dividing lines for people on the surveillance state in general, and the Snowden leaks in particular. If for some reason you haven’t read it yet, you should, but here is a key passage that has gotten a lot of attention: Here is I… Read more »