Don Taylor

How North Carolina Could (sorta) Have Universal Coverage by 2016

Could North Carolina became the first State to achieve universal health insurance coverage? A student asked me recently what it would take financially to do so, and how it could most simply and quickly be done. Here is a quick estimate. Using the Kaiser Family Foundations numbers, in 2016 there will be 1,216,000 uninsured persons… Read more »

How Much Subsidy Should Each Person Get for Health Insurance

For all the bubble and boil the past 4.5 years on health reform, there are basic questions that have not been asked clearly, much less answered. An important one is how much subsidy should people get from government for their health insurance? The table below the jump is a quick estimate of the per capita… Read more »

A Simple Obamacare Reform Deal

I wrote the essence of what is below on October 31 at my home blog but forgot to post it here due to sugar haze. Since then, a few bubbles of a supposed shift toward the GOP wanting to tweak the ACA instead of arguing for a repeal that will never come. I agree that… Read more »