Don Taylor

How North Carolina Is Making it Harder to Vote

The North Carolina General Assembly is set to enact a sweeping series of changes to the voting laws. The most high profile change has been the requirement to show an ID to vote. Nate Cohn says the requirement to show an ID would have reduced President Obama’s total in North Carolina by 25,000-30,000 votes, had… Read more »

Why Both Liberals and Conservatives Need a Health Reform Deal

On December 16, 2010 I wrote a post that began: While the rhetoric around health reform has been incendiary from day one, in policy terms, a compromise between Democrats and Republicans using the outline of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has always been available. The two primary problems with the health care system are costs… Read more »

Cherry Picking in Medicaid

Managed care companies are cherry picking the healthiest disabled senior dual eligible beneficiaries in New York state using a variety of methods, and excluding those needing the most care. The program provides a monthly per capita payment amount ($3,800/month) regardless of how much care is provided. The general theory is that the insurer has an… Read more »

Simpson-Bowles on Medicare

The President mentioned being open to Medicare reforms of similar cost magnitude to those proposed by the Simpson-Bowles report in the State of the Union. Here is a post from April, 2011 on the health policy proposals of the Simpson-Bowles report. Big picture, the most important thing to understand about Simpson-Bowles and health policy is… Read more »

Medicare’s ‘Improve or You’re Out’ Rehab Policy

I have been meaning to write about the important court order overturning Medicare’s longstanding ‘improve or you’re out’ (of Medicare financed SNF and/or home health) policy for rehabilitation services. Basically, beneficiaries who had plateaued and could at best maintain function could not receive rehab services under these parts of the Medicare benefit package. Medicare has… Read more »