Don Taylor

We Should Be Talking About Medicaid More

It is a shame that the VP debate did not delve into the proposal of Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan to block grant Medicaid in a way designed to greatly reduce federal spending on the program; this is where the most profound disagreements on health policy can be found in this election. Aaron Carroll and… Read more »

Bill Keller on End of Life Care

Bill Keller has an insightful piece on end of life care in England v. the USA, using the example of the recent death of his father in law. First, let me say that it is brave for a family to share such a personal story, and I want express condolences to the family. A few… Read more »

More on Raising the Medicare Age

WSJ has a debate on raising the Medicare age featuring Maya MacGuineas (yes) and Aaron Carroll (no). I think Aaron is correct that it is a bad idea in policy terms (and truly dreadful if the ACA is repealed), but I also believe it is virtually inevitable that we will raise the Medicare age as… Read more »

Single Payer in Vermont?

Here is a video (~1 hour) from a Politico health reform policy panel I was on at the DNC last Thursday. Two things from this panel stood out for me, both related to the comments of Gov. Peter Shumlin from Vermont, who wants to create a universal, “single payer” health system in his state. All… Read more »

David Brooks Partly Correct, Greatly Wrong

David Brooks notes that Paul Ryan’s biggest mistake was voting no against the final report of the deficit commission in December 2010. As Brooks puts it: To put it another way, Ryan was giving up significant debt progress for a political fantasy. I agree that Rep. Ryan’s bravery is greatly overrated, and in this case… Read more »