Don Taylor

A Dad (Me) Kicks the Tires on Duke’s Tuition Benefit

Benefits are an important reason that employees value jobs, and Duke University’s tuition benefit for the children of employees is an example of one that makes Duke an attractive place to work. Interestingly, my experience is that outsiders greatly over-estimate the value of the benefit, as do many employees with young children. To whit, I… Read more »

Federal Flood Insurance

Word today that President Obama has indicated his support for a Senate bill to reform and extend the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Here is WSJ coverage of the proposed changes, which would reduce subsidy for second homes, commercial property, and homes with a history of flooding, reducing the cost of the program by $4.7… Read more »

Making the Case for Universal Coverage

I was doing a bit of prep this week for my Fall 2012 class, Intro to the U.S. Health Care System. I have taught it many times, and I am trying to decide how to put what has happened the past three years into perspective for 19 year olds (with a big shoe left to… Read more »

Congressional Budget Office Report on Cigarette Taxes

CBO has a new report “Raising the Excise Tax on Cigarettes: Effects on Health and the Federal Budget.” The study cites some of the work I have done with colleagues, namely our AJPH paper The Effect of Smoking Cessation for Longevity (2002) and The Price of Smoking (2004). capstone post (with links) for a 4… Read more »