Don Taylor

Young Adults and Health Insurance

Sarah Kliff highlights a study from Commonwealth that finds 2 in 5 young adults (age 18-29) reported a cost-related barrier to receiving health care in the past year. Her main point is that the so-called “young invincibles” are apparently not as invincible as they think. Tangentially related is United Health Care’s announcement recently that the… Read more »

Food Trucks As a Model to Reduce Non-Emergent ER Care Use

Bill Gardner has a nice post on the use of Emergency Rooms (ER) for non-emergent care. Such use clogs the ER and is an expensive way to deliver basic care. However, many poor persons have no viable alternative. This is an old problem, and providing everyone with health insurance will not fix it. We need… Read more »

The Jobs Report: What Should We Do?

My first post of 2012 said the top public policy priority for 2012 was to: …enact policies that encourage economic growth now, while moving toward a sustainable budget over the long run. This main policy need is unchanged from 2011, and we didn’t manage to do either very well. This is still true. The jobs… Read more »