Ed Kilgore

Thought Those Private Property Rights Were Sorta Divine

Color me a bit less than sympathetic to ole Huck here (per ABC’s Josh Haskell): Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is being sued by the co-writer of the song “Eye of the Tiger” after the song was used at a rally that the former governor spoke at when Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis was released… Read more »

The Gubernatorial Class of 2016

Tomorrow’s election in Louisiana provides an excuse to mention something that is rarely discussed at the national level during a presidential cycle: gubernatorial races. There are in fact twelve governorships–8 held by Democrats, 4 by Republicans–up next year. Half of them involve open seats due to term limits or retirements. The good news for Democrats… Read more »

Lunch Buffet

So let’s round up and chow down one last time: * Special forces apparently working to release hostages taken by Islamists in Mali. * Marco Rubio–you know, the Establishment darling–allows as how U.S. may need to close mosques even though “closing mosques” is not what closing mosques would be “about.” * Chinese police kill 28… Read more »

Out of the Jungle in Loosiana

So as we’ve noted here in passing now and then, there’s a statewide election in Louisiana tomorrow for races where no one won a majority in the “first round” non-partisan Jungle Primary on November 21. That includes the governor’s race, where U.S. Sen. David Vitter trailed Democratic state legislator John Bel Edwards by double-digits in… Read more »

Can America’s Daddy Come Back?

Insofar as this is my last day at PA, I hope you won’t mind the self-indulgence of one more wack at the journalistic piñata known as Peggy Noonan. There’s nothing like a good crisis to bring out the most predictable in Our Peg, and her first Friday column after the Paris attacks is no exception…. Read more »