Ed Kilgore

More On What This Election is “About”

As I’ve argued earlier today (and elsewhere, for much of the last year), those assuming the entire 2012 election cycle is “about the economy” have not been paying much attention to the GOP nominating contest. Many Republican “base” voters are grinding ideological axes that have little or nothing to do with the economy other than… Read more »

Iowa Nuts-and-Bolts

For all the anticipation of the January 3 Iowa caucuses, there’s not a whole lot of general understanding about how the deal will go down. Politico‘s Zachary Abrahamson has a decent brief explanation of the mechanics: At 7:00 p.m., registered Republicans (a fairly minor requirement, since anyone can re-register at the caucus site) gather at… Read more »

Not-So-Super PACs

I know it’s become customary to call the sinister new no-contributions-limits, no-spending-limits “independent” entities enabled by Citizens United “Super-PACs,” and they are indeed a really big deal in contemporary politics. But sometimes the “Super” label seems excessive, viz. the Red, White and Blue Fund, a group that’s running ads in Iowa promoting the candidacy of… Read more »

Nelson and Kerrey

As Steve noted yesterday, a not-so-titantic figure in the U.S. Senate, Nebraska’s sorta-kinda Democrat Ben Nelson, announced he would not run for re-election next year after all. Republicans greeted the news with considerable satisfaction; Democrats varied between those unhappy with the development and its possible impact on control of the Senate after 2012 and those… Read more »

The Unadmirables

One of those not-terribly-edifying year-end Lists I mentioned is USA Today/Gallup’s annual Ten Most Admired Men and Woman. Hillary Clinton was ranked the Most Admired Woman for the tenth–yes, tenth–year running, and Barack Obama was listed as Most Admired Man for the fourth straight year. But it’s the also-rans who are most interesting. Believe it… Read more »