Ed Kilgore

The Unwritten Religion “Stories” of 2011

One of the great conventions of year-end journalism is the “Top Ten List” of this or that “story.” Many such lists are dreadfully uninteresting, and others probably represent content-recycling by underpaid staffers whose bosses are enjoying holiday vacations. Most can be safely ignored, or even read in slightly modified form a year later. But one… Read more »

Rick Perry “Gives Some Thought” To Rape and Incest

As noted in my last post, one of the most counter-factual assertions about the Republican presidential nomination contest is that it’s “about” the economy. Guess that’s why Rick Perry, who began his campaign boasting of his world-beating jobs record (sic!) in Texas, is now ending his go-for-broke comeback effort in Iowa by announcing he is… Read more »

Iowa CW

Speaking of Iowa…the caucuses are naturally the main topic in most of this week’s political news stories. And as always, the coverage tells us nearly as much as the “news” itself. With Newt Gingrich having apparently lost about half his peak Iowa support after being pounded by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney’s Super-PAC, and since… Read more »

The Day of the Great Corn Idol

Normally political writers at this time of year have light duties, sharing with readers many real-life distractions, and confining themselves to year-end thumbsuckers conveying with half-hearted gravitas the greater meaning of the previous twelve months. But this year, as in 2007, the convoluted front-loading pressures of the presidential nominating calendar have given horse-race enthusiasts a… Read more »

Three Days in the Harness

As Steve indicated, I’ll be sitting in for him the next three days. I will try to avoid the temptation of filling space with year-end oracular speculation, but will predict with little fear of error that I will end this mini-gig with a renewed appreciation for Mr. Benen’s prodigious productivity on this site. Not that… Read more »