Ed Kilgore

The End of Resentment

he best way to convey Rick Perlsteins achievement in writing Nixonland is to observe that he has taken one of the most endlessly chewed-over periods of American history, the late 1960s and early 1970s, and one of the most thoroughly analyzed American politicians, Richard Nixon, and come up with a fresh and convincing perspective on… Read more »

Tar Heel Pioneer

or an astonishing thirty years, Jesse Helms embodied conservative extremism in the U.S. Senate and the Republican Party; even in his “mellow” final term, ending in 2003, his rare nod toward mainstream opinion served only to highlight the rest of his wildly reactionary views. But was he a political outlier, as his frequent battles with… Read more »

The Strategist of Small Things

f Microtrends had been published under the name of coauthor E. Kinney Zalesne rather than Mark Penn, it would probably have been a quiet best-seller with a cult following. Instead, it’s being evaluated, for better or worse, as a glimpse into the mind of Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist and pollster. And in many progressive circles,… Read more »

Cross Purposes

To people outside the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA), the recent saga of internal and external recriminations over the ordination of Gene Robinson, an openly and non-celibate gay priest, as bishop of New Hampshire, is usually understood in the familiar secular language of liberalism and conservatism, of progress and tradition, and… Read more »

Kick em while theyre down

Congratulations, my fellow donkeys! Not that long ago, plenty of smart people thought that gerrymandering guaranteed a Republican House until 2012 and that the red-state/blue-state divide guaranteed a Republican Senate until, oh, 2112. But you proved them wrong and won not only Congress, but a majority of the governorships to boot. Take some time off… Read more »