Ed Kilgore

Is Anyone Listening to Russell Moore in Iowa?

Tonight’s a big Christian Right clambake in Iowa: the Iowa Family Leader organization’s presidential forum. Their list of confirmed candidates looks a bit out of date since Bobby Jindal is still on it, but it does seem that Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Huck, Paul, Rubio and Santorum are going to show. The conceit of this particular… Read more »

Where’s the Cool-Down Switch on This Thing?

Krugman is, as usual, right: the hysteria level among Republicans at present is just out of control. You imagine them examining their own bodies for a cool-down switch or maybe plunging themselves into cold bathwater periodically. [W]e shouldn’t really be surprised, because we’ve seen this movie before (unless we were too scared to go to… Read more »

Daylight Video

For no particular reason other than loving the song so much, here’s Ry Cooder and Terry Evans, performing “Down in Mississippi” in Santa Cruz in 1987.

Day’s End and Night Watch

That Roys video I played at Lunch Buffet is near and dear to me in part because I lived about a block from the venue at the time. It was in May, a glorious time in Atlanta (or at least it used to be until summer started creeping up). It was a treat to see… Read more »

The Transitive Defense for Democratic Socialism

I doubt I’m going to get hold of a transcript of Bernie Sanders’ speech at Georgetown this afternoon before I sign off today. So I’ll just offer one basic thought after looking at some press summaries. It seemed Sanders’ main tactic was to describe some successful and popular FDR policy, note that it had been… Read more »