Ed Kilgore

HRC and a Second Sunni Awakening

Keith Kissel/Flickr So HIllary Clinton delivered her Big Speech on ISIS at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York today, and probably followed the most logical and politically safe approach of endorsing an intensified version of an Obama administration initiative that’s just under way. And since it also builds on the Sunni tribal strategy… Read more »

Lunch Buffet

It’s the penultimate Lunch Buffet, and I’ve loaded the chafing dishes will some good stuff. Get you one a them biscuits! Snag you some chicken! Don’t miss the cheese grits! Try the okra! And oh yeah, there’s this: * Conservatives cheer as United Health mulls dropping out of ACA exchanges. * TNR’s Jamil Smith thinks… Read more »

WWJD? Stockpile Weapons!

Gage Skidmore/Flickr You realize there are people whose intensely held political views seem to be in conflict with their intensely held religious views, and wonder how they negotiate the transition from one to another. But you don’t expect to see it handled quite this way (h/t Sarah Posner): JESUS WOULD FIGHT FOR OUR SECOND AMENDMENT… Read more »

Bernie Sanders’ Electability Fears

Michael Vadon/Flickr So Bernie Sanders is scheduled to give his so-called “socialism speech” this afternoon, placing his own professed “democratic socialism” in the tradition of FDR, usually thought of as the US’s closest brush with European-style Social Democracy. According to the New York Times‘ Patrick Healy, there’s one big reason he’s taking this risky step:… Read more »

Buh-Bye, Bobby!

I just don’t think we did enough here yesterday to celebrate the departure from the presidential contest of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. So here’s Colbert: Looks like I’m going to be in a Colbert audience in New York next week. Can’t wait!