Ed Kilgore

Bobby Jindal: Long Day’s Journey Into Political Night

Gage Skidmore/Flickr Yesterday, after a long Invisible Primary campaign that pursued almost every strategy imaginable for establishing its candidate as the Truest Conservative in the race, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, out of money and showing no real momentum, packed it in about ten weeks short of his initial monomaniacal target of the Iowa Caucuses. It… Read more »

Daylight Video

R& B/Rock ‘n’ Roll pioneer Hank Ballard was born on this day in 1927. Here he is with the Midnighters and one of their hits, “Work With Me Annie.”

Day’s End and Night Watch

I picked Tab Benoit to feature today strictly because he was the only one on the Blues Birthday list I consult, but he’s turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. The refrain of the lunch buffet song, Bring Me My Medicine, is the eternal cry of the blues-afflicted. Here are some… Read more »

Reformicon Fail

It’s become very common to note that the 2016 Republican presidential nominating contest is violating every bit of substantive advice offered by the RNC’s 2013 “autopsy report” on the last presidential election, most especially the need for a more sensitive approach to the immigration issue. It’s less well understood that the big intellectual force for… Read more »

A Return to Solidarity?

My esteemed friend Rich Yeselson, the great chronicler and sometimes critic of the labor movement, has published an important piece at the American Prospect (in conjunction with an “American Labor at the Crossroads” conference), that reviews what we now understand about the decline of union power during the last half-century, and the possibilities that remain… Read more »