Erik Voeten

An Anti-Establishment Vote?

This image from Keith Poole’s Voteview blog displays how members of the House voted on the debt ceiling deal. Each member of the House is displayed by a point in a two-dimensional space that reflects how they voted on all bills prior to last night’s vote. The horizontal axis reflects the liberal-conservative scale. So, legislators… Read more »

Peacekeeping and State Responsibility

In a remarkable and unexpected ruling, a Dutch Court held yesterday that the Dutch state is responsible for the deaths of three persons in the Srebrenica genocide. This is the first time that a state is held responsible for the conduct of its troops during peacekeeping missions that operated under UN authority. As Michael Bochenek,… Read more »

World Rankings in Politics and International Studies

Since we all love rankings, here are the new world rankings of universities in Politics and International studies, released by QS. Below is the top ten. Clearly, the only worthwhile universities are in the anglo-saxon world. NYU is at 20 and Georgetown at 23. GW is in the 50-100 range. If your university does better… Read more »

Cell Phones and Insurgent Violence

Last month, the New York Times and other news outlets reported that the Obama administration is developing “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that can be set-up from a suitcase. The stated goal is to prevent efforts by repressive governments to silence dissidents. Yet, a new working paper by Jakob Shapiro and Nils Weidmann suggests… Read more »

Culture Wars in the Netherlands

I am spending the summer in the Netherlands and I have been struck by just how much Dutch politics has changed. It is hard to resist the temptation to think that the American tea party would be quite enamored of the current Dutch government. The cabinet appears to make its mark by launching initiatives that… Read more »