Ezekiel Emanuel

Congressional Health Insurance and the Voucher Plan

CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE AND THE VOUCHER PLAN….I have failed to emphasize that the voucher plan is a lot like the insurance program for Senators and members of Congress. Politicians are part of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. They have a choice of between 5 and 10 health plans in each city. Some are HMOs,… Read more »

Is the VA the model?

IS THE VA THE MODEL?….The VA is currently a wonderfully operated system and delivers excellent care largely because it has integrated IT and quality assessments into its delivery model much better than other health care providers. First, though, it should be recognized that the VA was not always this good. It went through a long… Read more »

Politics of Health Care Reform

THE POLITICS OF HEALTHCARE REFORM….He who does not know history is bound to repeat it. There have been many attempts at health care reform. While defeat has been “over determined,” in almost every case there is a single group that is able to help ensure defeat. 1913-14 ? Amazingly, the AMA supported universal health coverage… Read more »

Big Business and Health Care

BIG BUSINESS AND HEALTHCARE….I really do think big business wants out. But wanting out and supporting something else are different animals. Why is today different from 1993-94? During the early days of the Clinton administration, big business was willing to support health care reform. What happened was that when the details of Clinton’s package became… Read more »

Insurance Companies

INSURANCE COMPANIES….In the post below, Kevin asked why Victor and I included a role for insurance companies in our Universal Healthcare Voucher plan. There’s more to this than just political compromise. We think there are important reasons to keep them in the system. First, as Kevin suggested, we believe that they can provide an engine… Read more »